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The idea of (over -) identification or fusion for/with a specific group through perceived deprivation is not new though, it would be interesting to examine how much of this reciprocates with the individuals need of the consistent self.
My jam rn "Consider the embryonic development of a multicellular organism. It proceeds first by an existing whole (a “parent”) generating another whole (a “child”), then by the growth of that whole and concomitant internal differentiation into parts—sub-wholes that descend from and are synthesized by the whole. ...Read More
Douglas Crimp, in his own words in his own voice. RIP one of the great tellers of 20th & early 21st c. cultural change.
A very clear and concise argument for the other-than-human and the many worlds... “Could understandings of multiple agencies and more-than-human entanglements and kinships challenge a dominant mode of worlding—what Isabelle Stengers calls ‘a hegemonic machine’ that reduces nature to a resource ?” ...Read More
I remember reading these papers when they were first widely available. I am no great mathematician (and certainly not adequate to adjudicate the controversy in Corollary 3.12), but I remember having a sense of how the proof might work. In essence, Mochizuki is trying to arrive at a more abstract understanding of numbers, whereby manipulating the fundamental attributes of numbers changes the relationships inherent in basic operators. The way I conceptualize it is roughly analogous to the following: 1 + 1 = 2 is true, but only within certain ...Read More
“Finally, I think that Derrida’s philosophical importance is that he upheld the spirit of Kantian critique for the late 20th century. For Kant, one of the most important tasks of philosophy is to criticize and undo what he calls “transcendental illusions.” These are, Kant says, “sophistries not of human beings ...Read More
“Maybe you want your partner to stop smoking. This startup will generate a special link for you that looks like it’s an e-commerce site. You send it to your partner and when they click it, they get a cookie secretly loaded into their browser. This cookie enables the company to ...Read More
Gender inequality and sexist behaviour is prevalent in almost all workplaces and rampant in online environments. Although there is much research dedicated to understanding sexist behaviour, we have almost no insight into what triggers this behaviour and the individuals that initiate it. Although social constructionist theory argues that sexism is ...Read More
"I will say again, I'm not a fish, I'm not a crab, and I'm not a shrimp because I don't know nothing about being on a boat," said Donahue.
"To imbue race with an ontological meaning, to make it a reality all its own, is to drain it of its place in history and its indelible roots in discrete human action. To deny the role of life and people — of politics — is to also foreclose the possibility ...Read More