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Editorial by one of the two scientists who first discovered that CRISPR could be used for genome editing.
"The platforms on which much of this disinformation is being spread are not owned by Kenyans, are not controlled by Kenyans. So what does accountability for political misinformation look like when a British company uses an American platform to influence political discourse in a Kenyan election, [and] that results in ...Read More
Not sure about the bandaid solutions provided in this article. Hiding likes may obfuscate our attraction to outrage but it doesn’t do anything to undermine the attention metrics that these platforms run on. As long as info is personalized and promoted according to what the algorithm thinks we are most ...Read More
From the AI community: A panorama of AI/ML applications in green-tech, it's dense, interactive summary at: Contains a nice impact-taxonomy for green-tech solutionism: ...Read More
Contrary to the suggestions of “smartness” shills, these systems are not used by the general public but on it. This urban war machine is the true essence of “smart” urbanism. It is the next step in the high-tech militarization of society. Rather than produce the smart city, it yields the ...Read More
“Here’s why the colonization & centralization of the internet are so important: by mediating our online activity, corporations restrict our ability to actively recreate ourselves at the speed of data. Nonetheless, the internet’s emancipatory potential remains there. Though subjected to the tyranny of the algorithm, the internet search remains a ...Read More
New post from the Relevant Blog re: political ads, attention, and algorithmic manipulation 🚨 "The problem isn't just advertising, it's the attention economy. When platforms like Twitter and Facebook use engagement-based algorithms, there's no such thing as "free and fair" civil discourse on their networks — even without targeted political ads."
shameless self promotion but: “ automation tools could free up designers to do more interesting, innovative things beyond building mechanics and interior layouts. Or, as so often happens under a capitalist logic consumed with “optimization” above all else, they may just cause a new flattening of design difference, ushering a new Algorithmic Realism in ...Read More
““Receiving unsolicited sexual attention can be really harmful for teenage girls,” said Alice, a 17-year-old Depop user from Northamptonshire (BoF is withholding the last names of minors). “I know that feeling violated like that sparks feelings of insecurity or self-hatred.” Others admitted to accepting the prompts, like agreeing to wear products before selling them to users, or continuing to interact with users with predatory behaviour in order to nab a sale.”
“Consumer welfare,” rather than citizen welfare, is our primary concern. We assume that rising share prices signify something good for the economy as a whole, as opposed to merely increasing wealth for those who own them. In this process, we have moved from being a market economy to being what ...Read More
"Sexism, racism, homophobia, transphobia, etc. are widespread relational hierarchies which are deeply rooted in the subordination and division of labor....Overcoming these types of oppression is a matter of liberation, not justice, and to liberate ourselves from oppression we have to liberate ourselves from the very system which makes our oppression ...Read More
Are we now seeing the democratisation of satellite imagery? Undoubtedly there are many positives about expanding the ability of private enterprises to survey our planet but there are concerns over surveillance and privacy. "The company's fleet of 140 satellites beams back 1.2 million images a day. That is so much data that customers are turning to artificial intelligence to make sense of it. That technology is in its infancy, which means this could be the beginning of a new age of insights about ...Read More