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When Alnahhas returned to Turkey with the evidence he’d collected in Kafr Zita and Talmenes, he met up with a British chemical weapons expert who tested some of the samples. The analysis confirmed that they contained a high enough concentration of chlorine to kill people. The evidence clearly showed that ...Read More
This youtube Democracy Now is the best/current information I could find on progressive Kurdish Rojava ( anti-capitalist, feminist, equality-seeking ) societal movement in Syria and the imminent threat/annihilation to come with Turkish invasion as US forces pull out. This war is unfortunately not being covered by mainstream media.
The mass migrations of Syrian refugees across Europe were one of the biggest movements of people seen in modern history and it was interesting so see Germany's stance on it and how they kept borders open and many refugees flocked there. This wasn't an altruistic act as Germany has once ...Read More
Another true conspiracy theory.. The effect of this policy decision devastated the lives of 100s of thousands of people, still leaving scar of war, slavery, migration to this day. "The jihadis were able to obtain much of this arsenal as a result of former President Barack Obama’s support for rebels ...Read More
Major foriegn policy shift towards peace will go unnoticed by liberal psuedo-intellectuals who often considered this C.I.A program a 'conspiracy theory'
"A French journalist who was held hostage by Isis for 10 months has spoken out against air strikes in Syria, saying they represent “a trap” for Britain and other members of the international community. Speaking in an interview with The Syria Campaign, Nicolas Henin put forward his strategy for combatting ...Read More