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“Here’s why the colonization & centralization of the internet are so important: by mediating our online activity, corporations restrict our ability to actively recreate ourselves at the speed of data. Nonetheless, the internet’s emancipatory potential remains there. Though subjected to the tyranny of the algorithm, the internet search remains a ...Read More
"Billie Eilish’s story is one of an industry desperate to make a broken model appear well-functioning." ...Read More
"When you buy an album, some of that money goes directly to the artist. But with streaming, the royalty breakdown works very differently: Subscription dollars go into one big pool and are doled out to artists based on how many times their songs are streamed across a given service. So ...Read More
"In Spotify’s world, listening data has become the oil that fuels a monetizable metrics machine, pumping the numbers that lure advertisers to the platform. In a data-driven listening environment, the commodity is no longer music. The commodity is listening. The commodity is users and their moods. The commodity is listening ...Read More
5 academics collab on a 286pg MIT Press teardown of Spotify reinforcing many of the same questions Liz Pelly & Mat Dryhurst have prev. aired. Spotify's response? Concern over an isolated copyright issue from when the platform first launched.
‘The New York-based art collective known as DIS partly came to prominence through its freewheeling online publication, DIS Magazine. Now, the Post-Internet cabal is following in the footsteps of media organizations around the globe and making a pivot to video—going post-text, as it were. As of January 2018, DIS will ...Read More
“What are we looking at when we open Spotify? How did it get there, and on whose dime? Who owns visual real estate on Spotify? How do major labels control what the average Spotify listener is being fed? Who is shaping Spotify’s so-called “editorial voice”? Why is it so hard ...Read More
The proof of the power of #blockchain technology besides the crypto world is #resonate, a music #streaming service owned by music makers and the people that use it. You'll find my music there and many other amazing artists like Holly Herndon, @mat is also involved as decentralization advisor. 👌🏼✨ #stream2own #platform #startup #beyondstreaming #coop