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There are a number of efforts in the US to thwart renewable efforts, mostly those who make millions off fossil fuels. Trump placed tariffs on foreign solar panels while creating incentives for coal companiies.
🌴 ☀️ "Defending the possibility of non-apocalypse is hard and necessary work." 🏝️🌱 Long read on eflux about Solarpunk, includes a few quotes (an a swear) from yours truly. #climatechange
Smart people kept saying manufacturing could never come back to United States. Several advanced manufacturing plants are being planned for U.S after corporate tax cut from 35% to 21%, a reduction in regulations & bureaucracy, bilateral trade agreements and even competitive tariffs have spurred allot of movement in manufacturing sector. ...Read More
Solar storms can cause radio blackouts, GPS disruptions, earthquakes and other natural disasters, whales to wash up in shallow water because they rely on the magnetic field for direction, intense headaches, nausea and psychic ability.
As @slava mentioned in other thread, no doubts about power of #blockchain as decentralization technology and all the possibilities can brings, but no one is talking about the whole bunch of energy needs to get it work. We should think and invest to new ways to produce energy also to ...Read More
AMAZING images and video of Saturn, it's rings moon Rhea. I have often thought about Saturn as a grandfather, it being the punishing reconciler within the themes of astrology. Might just look like space porn but we all unknowingly hail the saturnian vibrations 🖖🏾