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“The problem is not really that Marantz is playing to an older, establishment-oriented audience. It’s that he’s adopted that audience’s most dubious presuppositions: that the allure of right-wing politics lies naturally in their transgressive thrill, or that the media establishment of the late twentieth century was flawed but preferable to ...Read More
Former resident’s account of Kingston, New York, a city striving for self-sufficiency through agricultural initiatives, a regional micro-currency, and a local healthcare system based on barter.
“In 2009, the internet was this liberating force,” says Allie Funk, a research analyst who works on Freedom House’s annual Freedom on the Net survey. It found that online freedoms have been shrinking for nine consecutive years. “Every single year it seems governments are figuring out how to better ...Read More
The suggestion is that the unspoken duties of being a good friend, out of kindness and thanklessness, is akin to hours gone unbilled. If you perceive the foundation of friendship as emotional labor, then friendship is always work.
A strange thing happens when human systems grow. They have a tendency to be guided less by relationships between humans and more by relationships between capital. At scale, capital is a standardized and reified token of trust that doesn’t require individuals to know each other as they would have in HUMAN COOPERATION HAS DIMINISHING RETURN AT SCALE. ...Read More
“Platforms don't look like how they work and don't work like how they look.” “The Stack terraforms the host planet by drinking and vomiting its elemental juices and spitting up mobile phones.” -Benjamin Bratton ...Read More
"Researcher Tom Secker show how Amazon's regime change fantasy "Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan" was shaped into propaganda by CIA consultants and the US military"
Growing pains for XR: “Extinction Rebellion's rise over the last 12 months has been remarkable, but the climate crisis is an issue that impacts everyone. It is about society, power, race and class, so a successful mass movement must appeal to a broad spectrum of society.”
"The machinelike process of engaging with social media is sufficient to produce an unhappy consciousness that stems from self-loathing about one’s own participation in a system that affords no special privileges to being human, blurs the distinction between human and machine, and recasts everything fed into it into networks and ...Read More
The fact that ketamine is the perfect neoliberal drug because it helps u disassociate but doesn’t make you hungover...
Editorial by one of the two scientists who first discovered that CRISPR could be used for genome editing.