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"How the fantasies of the TV era created the disaster of social media" "Social media was built on TV culture’s fantasy that ever-greater “connectivity” would perfect democracy and bring harmony. This fantasy is now dashed to pieces. But casting our current crisis as one of “digital discourse,” or of social media betraying democracy, risks that we obscure both the nature of social media ...Read More
“These “journeys” happen through physical spaces, but today, marketing journeys are often more internally focused. As HelloFresh’s VP of Marketing, Matt Fitzgerald, puts it, “we’re living in the ‘golden age of being at home.’”
Revisiting Rob Horning’s Authenticity as Service: “The discourse of authenticity espoused by marketers posits a pretend space untouched by capitalism where social relations are “real” instead of mercenary. Since all interactions under capitalism are corrupted by generalized exchange, the only way to be “authentic” is to not interact with people. So naturally that’s what marketers sell ...Read More
"... the influencers bed down amidst the gorgeous flowers to peddle Campbell’s Soup, women’s clothing (rompers are a favorite), acrylic fingernails, cell phone cases, and M&M’s."
So this research from Oxford University suggests that social media is not a significant cause of Political Polarization. This surprises me, especially with most online advertising being built around accumulating clicks. Does anyone else have some views or research on this?
An interesting conversation with Douglas Rushkoff, theorist/author of fascinating books that define cyberpunk. Rushkoff speaks plainly on present challenges - complex technologies built on language, the algorithm, and human-centered values. Offering objectives on a world where everything is media and everything is content, shareholder owned companies will be our best ...Read More
"Bots don’t care what they share, but our very humanness—craving that which shocks and disgusts the most—may be our undoing online."
An interesting quote about charging users: ‘payment better aligns the incentives of the platform with those of its users.’ Its all about incentives.
Love a profile that can personalize the weird, zero-accountability place internet business models are in now. This guy is so unlikable, so hypocritical, so RICH
"For North American teen girls, a recent study places their screen time around nine hours per day. The increasing smartphone use could have a darker side, higher depression and suicide rates in teenagers." Pretty troubling studies linked in this article.
The truth comes out... You do have to gamify an app to some degree in order to get people to use it. But if it’s your only end goal it quickly becomes perverse.