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True access goes beyond legal requirements; it involves thoughtful dedication to creating a culture of inclusion and understanding of all disabilities that allows everyone to perform at the highest level. The researcher with OCD, for example, said that part of the challenge of living with a mental illness is the That stigma is why she chose to remain anonymous. Moreover, it’s hurtful when people joke about having OCD when they’re simply cleaning or working carefully. Those types of comments “make OCD out to be a preference, rather than a disorder that affects all aspects of someone's life.” This is where ...Read More
Science and tarot cards don't usually mix, but I'm interested to see how these cards are used.
"There is a lack of queer visibility in science fields. For transgender people, this visibility is even lower. It’s hard to join or participate in a system when you don’t see yourself in it. For queer and trans scientists to enter — and remain — in science fields and academia, ...Read More
Quantum computers might be here sooner than expected... curious if bitcoin devs have a contingency plan for this.
The lack of WMD in Iraq, but not the munitions found on the Ocean liner that brought the US into WW1. Yet another example of the US government lying to it's citizens to go to war.
# Fractal Flows Scientific and engineering claims are rampant nowadays in the social media, forums, TV, newspapers, and magazines. Corporations make claims about their products and protect those claims with patents. Scientific publications make claims that are often hard to verify and corroborate in the absence of the raw data and a clear ...Read More
"And today, Massimiliano Proietti at Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh and a few colleagues say they have performed this experiment for the first time: they have created different realities and compared them. Their conclusion is that Wigner was correct—these realities can be made irreconcilable so that it is impossible to agree ...Read More
"Whales belong in the ocean, right? That may be true today, but cetaceans (whales, dolphins, porpoises) actually descended from four-legged mammals that once lived on land. New research published in Current Biology reports the discovery in Peru of an entirely new species of ancestral whale that straddled land and sea, ...Read More
We are susceptible to forgetting and taking for granted all that science/engineering has done for us. There is a disconnect between what science is actually doing for us, and what people (Society at large) think it is doing for us (Neil Degrasse Tyson).
THE PISTOL SHRIMP, aka the snapping shrimp, is a peculiar contradiction. At just a few inches long, it wields one proportionally sized claw and another massive one that snaps with such force the resulting shockwave knocks its prey out cold. As the two bits of the claw come together, bubbles ...Read More
"Emerging evidence suggests that the brain encodes abstract knowledge in the same way that it represents positions in space, which hints at a more universal"