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I found this was very informative, thanks! Recently I was supposed to be on a romantic evening walk. I looked up at the night sky and asked the guy (whom I knew to be a big space exploration enthusiast) about one of the stars I really ...Read More

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The Oysters That Knew What Time It Was. BY JO MARCHANT.

Scientists long believed that biological clocks were predominantly driven by internal rhythms. Then came a fraught discovery—about mollusks and the moon. ...Read More

The elusive quantum computer. Theoretical next phase in computing and thus humanity.

Old encrypted messages suddenly cracked in a flash. Complex scientific problems solved before lunch. ...Read More

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I am really surprised that more people did not find this relevant. I was not the one to share it, but it pretty much describes a rapid, non-pharmacological, approach to bring COVID-19 to heel in weeks, not years. In my opinion, this (if ...Read More

“Along those lines, we want to ensure we don’t slow the spread of information from credible health authorities, so content posted by government health authorities and recognized global health organizations, like the World Health ...Read More