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Already occurred in China, and it seems obvious many governments are likely already experimenting with this issue privately. But this whole HIV cover/reason as to why random scientists should be able to experiment with gene editing is preposterous!
"MOSCOW (AP) — Russia is requiring dating app Tinder to hand over data on its users — including messages — to the national intelligence agencies, part of the country's widening crackdown on..."
This article by the NYT with the 60 Minutes on money laundering piece starts to put banks in the crosshairs of money laundering activity. A free press is a fundamental component of Democracy, and the Times has something here that could bring down a book of cards. This is ...Read More
Putin wants to make Russia's internet sovereign. What would it take to pull off this massive technical challenge? ...Read More
"German Chancellor Angela Merkel said she favors a U.S.-Russian summit, seeking to push global diplomacy forward after a tumultuous meeting of Group of Seven leaders."
“Putin refuses to participate in debates, and after watching a few minutes of them, you can see why. They’re designed to implicitly affirm Putin as the only plausible candidate among a roster of clowns and to depict the trappings of the democratic process itself as being beneath respectable people like After attending one debate, Grudinin rightly declared them a circus, walked off stage, and refused to participate. Two weeks later he was back on, but walked off again when Communists of Russia candidate Maxim Suraykin brought onstage a woman accusing Grudinin of evicting her family. Grudinin fled the stage, everyone ...Read More
"Masha Gessen writes about the NBC reporter Megyn Kelly’s interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin."
Some good deets about the types of ads the Russian gov troll farms were running on fb during the 2016 election
Multiple news outlets have reported this but I am skeptical about whether or not it was the Russians. I don't doubt that gaming is used as a way to spread propagandha i.e. all the military themed games that exist. It makes sense to use this as a medium ...Read More
💎Geology mother of economy💎 "Its riches were so vast it helped transform the USSR from a war torn and impoverished nation into a post-WW2 global superpower." ...Read More