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"It is the choice between thinking that whatever is happening in reality is, by definition, acceptable, and thinking that some actual events in our current reality are fundamentally incompatible with our concept of ourselves—not just as Americans but as human beings—and therefore unimaginable. The latter position is immeasurably more difficult ...Read More
Nourishing lil brief for getting back into the Haraway swing -- concise bit on the philosophy of worlding was helpful, as was the reassurance of Spivak's "strategic essentialism"... also just a good 'reality' check for prioritizing energy on displacement. Happy to have found this here, reading it helped me a ...Read More
Subjective realities are on the ascendant. We are living through an era of unprecedented increase in our ability to craft our own realities through culture in powerful ways. It is now possible to create small-scale subcultures with the complexity and richness of large nation-states. With no more than simple text At Refactor Camp 2019, we will attempt to center the positive and generative side of the Great Weirding, while keeping a sharp eye on the Dark Side. We hope to bring together a diverse audience of reality builders and explorers to map out the emerging multiverse of subjective realities, and ...Read More
"And today, Massimiliano Proietti at Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh and a few colleagues say they have performed this experiment for the first time: they have created different realities and compared them. Their conclusion is that Wigner was correct—these realities can be made irreconcilable so that it is impossible to agree ...Read More
Have you heard that reality has collapsed? Post-truth politics, the death of facts, fake news, deep-state conspiracies, paranoia on the rise. Such pronouncements are often feverish objections to a nightmarish condition. Yet inside the echo chamber of twenty-first-century communication, their anxiety-ridden recirculation can exacerbate the very conditions they attempt to ...Read More
Facebook is laying out the laws of the internet, but it's a business. Thoughtful video on digital colonialism.
REALITY WINNER um* WTF who are her parents?! This persons name as a headline is priceless. Can someone give me some insight into what drugs they were on at the time of her birth. Also posting the actual investigation via The Intercept in the comments👇🏽"don't contact us from work, even ...Read More