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"This is Race to Dinner. A white woman volunteers to host a dinner in her home for seven other white women – often strangers, perhaps acquaintances. (Each dinner costs $2,500, which can be covered by a generous host or divided among guests.) A frank discussion is led by co-founders Regina “If you did this in a conference room, they’d leave,” Rao says. “But wealthy white women have been taught never to leave the dinner table.”" ...Read More
""These modern-day protest movements are critical to realizing the full potential of American democracy and promises to equality.""
" Researchers effectively found a set of genetic attributes that anorexia sufferers were more likely to have. Depression, anxiety, and obsessive compulsive disorder were among them, which was expected. But so was the ability to burn fat more quickly, the natural propensity to do more physical activity, and increased resistance However this research is mostly from people of European descent. " There are some tangible plans to try to address this fundamental inequality in genetic research. The UK’s Department of Health & Social Care recently announced that it will recruit five million healthy participants for a new genetic research undertaking ...Read More
“Photography is not just a system of calibrating light, but a technology of subjective decisions.” From the Shirley card and Kodak Gold film to dual skin tone color-balancing algorithms, Sarah Lewis studies how unconscious bias is built into imaging technology.
One thing stuck out. Towns where Facebook use was higher than average, like Altena, reliably experienced more attacks on refugees. That held true in virtually any sort of community — big city or small town; affluent or struggling; liberal haven or far-right stronghold — suggesting that the link applies universally.
"To imbue race with an ontological meaning, to make it a reality all its own, is to drain it of its place in history and its indelible roots in discrete human action. To deny the role of life and people — of politics — is to also foreclose the possibility ...Read More