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“They understand fully the stakes at hand, and the blunt courage being activated by this generation. The movement in Iraq represents the true kind of inclusive, nationwide climate change movement that Western campaigns ostensibly aspire to. They include strikes from nearly every sector, from teachers’ unions to engineers, and enjoy ...Read More
Elvia Wilk on the protests in Hong Kong. "My aversion to end-speak is not an aversion to sensationalism or alarmism—by all accounts this is a sensational moment! Ring the alarm! Nor am I making a plea for some kind of general optimism. There is not much reason to be optimistic. The most easily foreseeable negative outcomes are indeed ...Read More
"The app is intended to supplement mainstream social network platform broadcasts by mobilizing smaller, localized groups of supporters to carry out peaceful acts of civil disobedience all over Catalonia." "There is clearly a huge challenge for decentralized movements (and indeed technologies) when it comes to creating legitimate governance structures that don’t simply repeat the hierarchies of the existing (centralized) authorities and systems they’re seeking to challenge."
"There’s nothing that exposes simpering do-gooder liberals and hack Labor politicians for the craven sycophants for power they are like a good police riot. Not any old police riot, of course. If the police beat up protesters in Hong Kong or Russia, it’s deeply disturbing police-state behaviour, and every decent ...Read More
"And yet it’s clear that we are witnessing the biggest surge in global protest activity since the early 2010s, when a “movement of the squares” saw mass rallies in capital cities across the Arab world, followed by Occupy demonstrations in the global north. Historically speaking, the past decade has seen "One obvious link is also the most superficial: the role played by social media, which has been widely noted in the press. While it’s true that digital technologies have enabled more agile and horizontal forms of organising, the ubiquity of these tools in 2019 tells us almost nothing about what ...Read More
Trump pushes up to 20 years in prison for pipeline protesters The Trump administration is seeking to dramatically escalate federal penalties for pipeline protesters. Under newly proposed changes, pipeline protesters could face up to 20 years in prison for disrupting the construction of oil and gas infrastructure. ...Read More
"On August 9, 2014 in Ferguson Missouri, Mike Brown Jr. was shot and killed by Officer Darren Wilson of the Ferguson Police Department. His death and Wilson’s..."
"Hong Kong’s young protesters are eschewing the fixed, immobile occupation strategies of the past, in favour of a highly mobile, agile style of protest. A rally may turn into a march; a march may begin in one direction and abruptly change to another direction; the focus of a particular protest ...Read More
"A quest to identify protesters and police officers has people in both groups desperate to protect their anonymity... Mr. Cheung, a skinny 29-year-old, was grabbed at a mall around noon on July 18, according to his account. Four plainclothes officers waited for him to unlock his phone and then jumped ...Read More
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Viola Zhou 周易Verified account @violazhouyi • ↗︎
An interesting thread on how the current Hong Kong protests differ from 2014. Protestors seem to have heightened fears of surveillance and repercussions this time.
"An hour after police evicted the last demonstrators from Oceti Sakowin, North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum signed four measures increasing punishments for demonstrators..." oh boy did they not stop there.
Really great article illustrating the pitfalls of the 'networked protest'. Yet I disagree with the defeatist conclusion of "Maybe, in the end, the system is the powerless person’s best bet". In my view what is needed is a new way of organizing, identifying leaders, assigning roles and creating and executing a coherent longterm strategy. Its the task of creating explicit nodes of authority within a decentralized system. Creating these systems is not as glamorous and satisfying as attending a march ...Read More