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Curated list of essays, talks, podcasts, and videos as a weekly newsletter from Evgeny Morozov. Includes a guest-edited Cyberflâneur section with recent contributions from Hito Steyerl and Brian Eno. Takes a few minutes to signup and customize all the forms and it's worth it.
"‎We dragged Bo into the studio to record a fantastic episode with @jonomilo from the @crybabysleep podcast to talk about all of the state-sanctioned executions that have been validated this week by the highest courts in the land! Never fear, we can't possibly run out of cops to hate because ...Read More
PopularFront Podcast 51 on "OSINT: War Crimes via Google Maps" speaks with investigative journalist Christiaan Triebert about open source investigation and how he's managed to discover where war crimes happened using technology available to everyone. Podcast via Apple ...Read More
"Maybe we were better off with loneliness. In that meme “How It Feels to Listen to Podcasts,” three laughing friends eat sundaes in a brightly colored ad while our IRL stand-in laughs along beside it, a bowl of ice cream slowly melting in his hand. Is that us?"
"In this episode, I get a request to cover the controversy surrounding the WWE's upcoming event Crown Jewel is Saudi Arabia following the death of journalist Jamal Khashoggi. Stephanie McMahon defends WWE Saudi Arabia event Crown Jewel -"
​​​​​​Cool article about the Red Scare podcast. To be totally honest I haven't listened to it. Below is an interesting and nuanced critique: ​​"A friend of mine who was an early listener to the show explained that he had found in it “a thrill out of hearing these people who seemed to have no fear about violating the relatively new and very strict rules about how to talk and what to say. Not ...Read More