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"The artificial intelligence behind Google Translate reflects Wittgenstein's philosophical notions of language" As being trying to get help from Wittgenstein work myself, I find this little superimposition of Tech and Philosophy pleasingly enlightening. One nice entrance into both subjects, or just something to keep the rumination going.
“Then there’s the problem of indeterminacy. Sometimes, the word ‘beauty’ aspires to the solidity of a proper noun, grand and true. Other times, it seems a more nebulous term for an elusive kind of experience.”
"Individualism, the idea that individual freedom and rights are paramount, has become so culturally entrenched that it seems like a universal, absolute and eternal truth. In fact the idea is not universal but largely confined to the West; not absolute but a contingent development; and far from being eternal, may ...Read More
"At the center of socialist politics, he wrote, had always been the idea that a new order of things would be created by a militant working class, “whose self-organization prefigured the principles of the society to come.” But in the real world, this group had “declined in size and cohesion.” ...Read More