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Silicon Valley billionaires keep getting richer, whether they want to or not. In a decade-long bull market, tech leaders who control the stock of their massive corporations keep getting fantastically wealthier — and often in ways that make their flashy philanthropic efforts pale in comparison. And too often, these tech billionaires are amassing their wealth by perpetuating income inequality in their day jobs — whether by exploiting tax loopholes, displaying anti-competitive behavior, or pricing out poorer residents in the vicinities of their companies. While many of the very richest, including Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Ballmer, and ...Read More
"Resource Generation, an organization founded on the belief that young wealthy people should give away most or all of their inherited money or excess wealth…“As part of a coordinated strategy to systematically redistribute wealth and repair the harm created by wealth extraction, RG asks our members to take bold action ...Read More
In the US, climate change misinformation is a large-scale effort powered by a network of influential philanthropists. This study uses NLP and takes a network approach to climate change denial, rather than focusing on individual actors. From the abstract: "Two of the most consequential developments affecting US politics are (1) ...Read More