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Telecom companies gave Congress $102 million to destroy #NetNeutrality. Today, the web is coming together to plaster that number all over the Internet. Tell everyone you know to head over to to find out where their representative stands on net neutrality.
"Internet providers seized a tool built at public expense, privatized it, and sold it back to us for profit. Repealing net neutrality will only make it worse"
‘The official noted that many of the comments are fraudulent. He said that there were 7.5 million identical comments that came from 45,000 unique names and addresses, apparently due to a scammer who repeatedly submitted the same comment under a series of different names. The message from this FCC official seemed to be that a huge percentage of the comments can be safely ignored. But the docket is filled with these comments because the FCC took no significant steps to prevent fraud and did not delete even the most obviously fraudulent comments from the ...Read More