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This musician plays music with birds and whales, and it's quite fascinating to hear the interplay between his flute and the nightingales. His new film about the project will premiere at BUFA Berlin, May 11th, 2019 and the cinema premiere will be at Sputnik, Berlin, on May 13th. More music here ...Read More
An unknown (until now), completely unique, viral-like gene that transmits genetic information between neurons. Pretty amazing and fascinating.
"Raptors, including the whistling kite, are intentionally spreading grass fires in northern Australia, a research paper argues. The reason: to flush out prey and feast"
The tasty Japanese seaweed nori is ubiquitous today, but that wasn't always true. Nori was once called “lucky grass” because every year's harvest was entirely dependent on luck. Then, during World War II, luck ran out. No nori would grow off the coast of Japan, and farmers were distraught. But ...Read More
Building in Hamburg Germany built with glass tanks for walls when hit with sun light heat the algae/water living inside creating energy. Not the most cost effective right now but seems the future is already here the people who live here.
‘Antibiotic-producing bacteria which live on the ants, known as actinomyces, are the raw material for 60 percent of known antibiotics. The ants feed the bacteria living on them through specialized glands in their exoskeletons and use the antibiotics produced by these bacteria to kill off other microbes that would otherwise ...Read More
‘We’ve known about zombie ants for quite some time, but scientists have struggled to understand how the parasitic fungus, O. unilateralis (pronounced yu-ni-lat-er-al-iss), performs its puppeteering duties. This fungus is often referred to as a “brain parasite,” but new research published this week in Proceedings of the National Academy of ...Read More
"Investigators are looking into reports that around 10 tribe members died when they were set upon by gold miners."
"As Hurricane Irma arrives in Florida, Dexter Filkins writes about the state’s natural beauty, rampant overdevelopment, and environmental problems."
Solar storms can cause radio blackouts, GPS disruptions, earthquakes and other natural disasters, whales to wash up in shallow water because they rely on the magnetic field for direction, intense headaches, nausea and psychic ability.
"Most people believe that the Amazon Rainforest is nothing but a virgin paradise of untouched wilderness. Recent studies have shown, however, that much of the Amazon might very well have been a landscape designed by the patient persistence of indigenous cultures who interacted with the land and the local ecosystems. ...Read More