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"When you buy an album, some of that money goes directly to the artist. But with streaming, the royalty breakdown works very differently: Subscription dollars go into one big pool and are doled out to artists based on how many times their songs are streamed across a given service. So ...Read More
“A quest for another sort of authenticity—the paid-for privilege of being present at an Event—fuels what Amnesia Scanner call “the experience economy” of today’s festivals. Just as much as bottle-service raves on cruise ships or EDM gatherings like Electric Daisy Carnival, experimental music festivals are selling exclusivity and a sense ...Read More
AI technology strives to be both perfect and human, but being human means being imperfect. Beauty and creativity often comes from flaws and mistakes, often leading us in new and unexpected directions. Will a more realistic form of AI mimic our forgetfulness, errors, and imperfections? “In a few years when the systems are way more sophisticated, we’re going to miss the little failures, the places where the system has misunderstood us in ways that helped us revaluate things like beauty and meaning,”
“There are many musicians who are thriving where I would argue that the music itself is a secondary consideration, and perhaps the image is primary,” Dryhurst says. “This is nothing new. However, the supremacy of image over sound in music is more severe than it has ever been.”
"In Spotify’s world, listening data has become the oil that fuels a monetizable metrics machine, pumping the numbers that lure advertisers to the platform. In a data-driven listening environment, the commodity is no longer music. The commodity is listening. The commodity is users and their moods. The commodity is listening ...Read More
"Of Strings and Kings is a set of musical compositions written for strings and machine learning algorithms. The AI duet accompaniment to the essay will serve as an aesthetic counterpart corresponding to the subjects of each chapter."
"Maybe it's romantic, but I still like this idea of human agency, of us still being able to steer things in a particular way. That's how I approach technology, with this feeling of agency—or as if we could have a seat at the table in some of these decisions."
This musician plays music with birds and whales, and it's quite fascinating to hear the interplay between his flute and the nightingales. His new film about the project will premiere at BUFA Berlin, May 11th, 2019 and the cinema premiere will be at Sputnik, Berlin, on May 13th. More music here ...Read More
"Under the current regime of so-called independence, dictated by an increasingly small number of platforms, we are divided and – as presaged by this recent cluster of closures – all too easily conquered." ...Read More
Michelle Lhooq's critique of Ceremonia Mexico and the heavily branded DJ-set from everyone's favorite indie "daddy" has all the fanboys hollering #AphexTwin
My short response to recent developments is: music communities might do well to consider scene wealth fund models for travel, visas, recording time, journalism. The great leap in the past decade or so has been the ability for anyone to make, publish and receive music files. Outside of the occasional, over referenced, examples, that isn't sufficient to make a career. ...Read More
I've been thinking a lot about the mid/late 2000s blog era. It didn't last very long, but to to me it is proof that a vibrant online music culture is possible. We're also getting to a point where there is a new generation of tech that can facilitate a shift I have a feeling idiosyncratic online spaces that are communal, expressive and less individualistic, but also interconnected via a low-level protocol will be a thing soon and will have huge appeal. Maybe they even exist already I'm too old/out of touch to know. This kind of spaces will also be ...Read More