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Trying to get the military to limit carbon emissions seems like a Sisyphean task... Thanks to @crocodiletears for surfacing this article in the comment section of this post about the US military's role in pollution:
"WAIVER: the Secretary of Defense may waive the requirements of this section . . . [if] he determines that market conditions for a product or service make it difficult for the Department to acquire that product or service and the waiver will accelerate the Department’s acquisition of the product or "Our 2018 National Defense Strategy prioritizes long-term strategic competition with great power competitors by focusing the Department’s efforts and resources to . . . build a more lethal force . . . To achieve these goals, DoD must be able to adapt current and future operations to . . . ...Read More
From Gilets Jaunes, to yesterday's Vetements *Ne Tirez Pas DON'T SHOOT* shirt, to military chest rigs, fashion is now using its role as a medium for political signaling to explore the possibility of near-term urban warfare, even if just in the space of distant irony or fetishization.
Philosophical concepts of spatiality have not only influenced the academic world of Architecture but have long entered the military complex. The IDF reinterprets the city and it’s structures, perfidiously thinking in Deleuzian terms while breaching through walls and killing civilians. Similar perspectives are explained in Geoff Manaughs book ‘A Burglars ...Read More
Pretty chill “One serviceman was accused by seven former Navy SEAL colleagues of stabbing a defenseless teenage captive to death, purposefully shooting a school-age girl and an old man, and indiscriminately attacking neighborhoods with rockets and machine-gun fire, and would face trial by a military trial if not pardoned. ...Read More
"Cyber soldiers and drone pilots are the latest link in this ever-lengthening chain. They wreak havoc in networks and rain death from above in the Forever War, combating enemy terrorist cells and enemy-ish nation-states. Then they go home and ask their kids about algebra. They’ll be able to spend an ...Read More
In the dying days of the battle of Mosul, Ghaith Abdul-Ahad followed Iraqi soldiers during the last push against Isis. But following their victory, a new wave of savagery was unleashed.