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“Eleven years after Congress passed a law mandating that insurers provide equal access for mental and physical health care, Americans are actually finding it harder to obtain affordable treatment for mental illness and substance abuse... A report... found that patients were dramatically more likely to resort to out-of-network providers for mental health and substance abuse treatment than for other conditions. The disparities have grown since... a similarly grim study two years ago... Insurance plan networks are simply inadequate... which is no surprise, given that insurance companies consistently reimburse behavioral health providers at lower rates. The study found, for example, that primary-care office visit rates were on average 23.8 percent higher than rates for behavioral health office visits.”
This share is really cheap, but I have been considering IG for a long time and I firmly believe it creates false realities and perpetuates human insecurities by praying on habitual feedback brain function. I cannot imagine the pressure of being a child in the Instagram competition. There's a lot more here than this article even goes into, but I suppose at least clickbait articles such as this one pericing the teenage membrane is better than not at all.