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"So yeah, we are encouraging people to break the law,” Laufer added. “If you're going to die and you're being denied the medicine that can save you, would you rather break the law and live, or be a good upstanding citizen and a corpse?”
Short bio on James Allison a biochem Ph.D., but there is great hope/advance to be made with immunotherapy when it comes to cancer treatment alternatives. " Until very recently we’ve had three main methods for treating cancer. “cut, burn, and poison” techniques are currently estimated to be able to cure cancer in about half of the people who develop the disease. And that’s remarkable, a true medical accomplishment. But that leaves the other half of ...Read More
No matter where you look, it seems that automation is on the cusp of creeping into all kinds of industries today. Already we are familiar with industrial robots replacing humans on the factory floor, or self-driving vehicles making their cautious debut on some roads. But we are less familiar with ...Read More
‘Antibiotic-producing bacteria which live on the ants, known as actinomyces, are the raw material for 60 percent of known antibiotics. The ants feed the bacteria living on them through specialized glands in their exoskeletons and use the antibiotics produced by these bacteria to kill off other microbes that would otherwise ...Read More
The mind is a powerful medicine. Given an ineffective treatment, patients can experience real health improvements by simply believing that the treatment works—the placebo effect. But this blissful delusion has a dark side: when a harmless placebo becomes effective, it becomes harmful, too, causing side-effects seen in actual therapies. In a new study exploring this mysterious “nocebo effect,” researchers pinpoint regions of the brain that seem to be behind phantom injuries. They also assess factors—framing and price—that can increase the potency of the effect. These may be critical to designing and assessing clinical practices and trial results, they argue.
Very important discussion going on right now regarding antibiotics. They are important and necessary but also at times one dose can also destroy systems in the body forever. which happened to a friend of mine who now has chronic illness. People should be aware that side effects of some of ...Read More
Very terrifying new medical trend. Plastic surgeons opening "stem cell treatment centers". Most are in California and Florida, with names like...The Ageless Wellness Center in Georgia where a women was blinded by having fat injected into her eyes. Wish this was sci-fi fake news.
Molly Young is a precise and hilarious writer and consistently skewers the absurdity of aspirational living and the unholy merger of culture and capitalism #aspiration #sludge