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“You might call it the Millennial Lifestyle Sponsorship, in which consumer tech companies, along with their venture-capital backers, help fund the daily habits of their disproportionately young and urban user base. With each Uber ride, WeWork membership, and hand-delivered dinner, the typical consumer has been getting a sweetheart deal.”
"They seem mindless of the fact that all too often, mindfulness has been reduced to a commodified and instrumental self-help technique that unwittingly reinforces neoliberal imperatives."
"If people ate less meat and sugar and more vegetables, 11 million fewer would die prematurely and humanity could also slow climate change, a new report finds."
“In solitude art is made, books are read, books are written, knitting is knit, weed is smoked.”
drop gang drug distribution using proof of stake to ensure delivery of goods: ​> To prevent theft by the distribution layer, the sales layer randomly tests dead drops by tasking different members of the distribution layer with picking up product from a dead drop and hiding it somewhere else, after verification of the contents. Usually each unit of product is tagged with a ...Read More
The issue at “The Art of Blockchains” was less malice than myopia. People with careers in art or careers in tech tend only to see what they’ve been trained to see. But regardless of the difference in animating force, the results at the conference were the same as in Giridharadas’s ...Read More
"Aggregation theory, network topology, and the impending limits of aesthetic novelty."
"These are three ways that we become stuck in debilitating habitual patterns. Ex­ploring them with curiosity, however, dissolves their power," writes Buddhist nun Pema Chödrön
A similar notion – this time about women and reckoning with the politics of power – was acknowledged by Nicolas Ghesquière, the Louis Vuitton creative director, after his recent AW18 womenswear show. “I have these discussions about #MeToo everyday. It's a dialogue we have all the time,” said Ghesquière. With ...Read More
Given that it's mathematically impossible for BTC to succeed until they change their POW, this doesn't make sense as a political play. Most like Sequoia is just paying for BTC in advance to get a deeper discount than they'd normally get for buying in volume. It's also possible that they're ...Read More
For a month now, I have been trying to go plastic free. That means I don't take plastic coffee lids. I don't take straws, plastic bags, etc. Its honestly been relatively a lot easier than I thought it would be after realizing how unnecessary most of these products are. Seamless ...Read More
“The human soul doesn’t want to be advised or fixed or saved. It simply wants to be witnessed - to be seen, heard and companioned exactly as it is. When we make that kind of deep bow to the soul of a suffering person, our respect reinforces the soul’s healing ...Read More