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"She wonders whether a program like Asana might help even out the imbalances in household duties that often arise between partners—especially men and women—by making them more visible. “It tends to be that couples divide this work up in ways that aren’t exactly equitable, and that one person takes on ...Read More
“Life expectancies started to stall just after the austerity cuts were introduced,” said Hiam. “That alone does not prove the latter was the trigger for the former. However, no other plausible suggestion has since survived scrutiny, so it is hard not to conclude austerity cuts are involved.”
From the UES, Emily Segal on the Met Museum, Susan Miller (Astrology Zone) and managing mass anxiety... "For a generation that grew up in an age of perma-crisis, everyday social life is its own form of geo-strategic coping."
"They seem mindless of the fact that all too often, mindfulness has been reduced to a commodified and instrumental self-help technique that unwittingly reinforces neoliberal imperatives."
"Dark forests like newsletters and podcasts are growing areas of activity. As are other dark forests, like Slack channels, private Instagrams, invite-only message boards, text groups, Snapchat, WeChat, and on and on. This is where Facebook is pivoting with Groups (and trying to redefine what the word “privacy” means in These are all spaces where depressurized conversation is possible because of their non-indexed, non-optimized, and non-gamified environments. The cultures of those spaces have more in common with the physical world than the internet." ...Read More
Real Life is on a roll these days. A great article about the WeWorkisation of cities.
Venkatesh Rao on personal growth: "Personal growth is a bad life framing. Life intensification is a better alternative: consciously trying to distill your spirit into a more potent form."
Plastic waste is the epitome of our wasteful and short term habits. Cheap production costs combined with high margins and fed by unbridled consumerism are destroying this planet. Free plastic toys with kids meals, cheap plastic mementos at every attraction, tents so cheap they are just ditched at festivals. Just ...Read More
"If people ate less meat and sugar and more vegetables, 11 million fewer would die prematurely and humanity could also slow climate change, a new report finds."
“In solitude art is made, books are read, books are written, knitting is knit, weed is smoked.”
drop gang drug distribution using proof of stake to ensure delivery of goods: ​> To prevent theft by the distribution layer, the sales layer randomly tests dead drops by tasking different members of the distribution layer with picking up product from a dead drop and hiding it somewhere else, after verification of the contents. Usually each unit of product is tagged with a ...Read More
The issue at “The Art of Blockchains” was less malice than myopia. People with careers in art or careers in tech tend only to see what they’ve been trained to see. But regardless of the difference in animating force, the results at the conference were the same as in Giridharadas’s ...Read More