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shameless self promotion but: “ automation tools could free up designers to do more interesting, innovative things beyond building mechanics and interior layouts. Or, as so often happens under a capitalist logic consumed with “optimization” above all else, they may just cause a new flattening of design difference, ushering a new Algorithmic Realism in ...Read More
Pretty good piece, but I disagree with the characterization of union actions as "a drag". At risk of romanticizing collective action, my experience with unionization efforts is that when people are pushed to do the hard work of consistently "showing up" they usually find it affirming and vivifying. To characterize ...Read More
88% of sound engineers and producers are asked to work for free. 42% of participants reported doing ‘on spec’ work ⁠— meaning they’re only paid if the client ‘liked the work.’ „Of course, people will do favors for friends, but it’s completely unacceptable for record labels and commercial studios to exploit professionals in this way. We don’t employ someone to put in a new bathroom and then decide to pay them if we feel like it.” ...Read More
I wonder what Saul Williams would say about this. The phrase “free labor” starts bouncing around in my head...
" The working body that is made visible is the concern of an ever growing industry dedicated to the cleanliness and healthiness of body and mind, the better to serve racial capitalism." " Today, according to the International Labor Organization (ILO), women are still responsible for 75 percent of all unpaid domestic work, spending up to three hours more per day doing such work than men; this calculation includes fetching water, caring for children and the elderly, and doing housework. " ...Read More
Revisiting Rob Horning’s Authenticity as Service: “The discourse of authenticity espoused by marketers posits a pretend space untouched by capitalism where social relations are “real” instead of mercenary. Since all interactions under capitalism are corrupted by generalized exchange, the only way to be “authentic” is to not interact with people. So naturally that’s what marketers sell ...Read More
An examination of labor-value commodity chains therefore reveals the exploitation hidden in today’s international transactions. The labor-value commodity chains approach acknowledges various components largely missing from the other global-chain frameworks, or not previously brought into systematic relation, namely: (1) global capital-labor relations; (2) the deep wage inequalities between the global ...Read More