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“The higher-ups at Condé are like the DNC, and Anna Wintour is their Joe Biden.”
"I’M GETTING PAID $1,000 for this article. Last year, I made roughly $50,000 between a 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. freelance gig writing celebrity news and publishing some one-off articles. I grew up middle class, though my divorced father eventually worked his way well into the upper-middle class. Financially speaking, ...Read More
"The ridiculous corporate media freakout over Senator Bernie Sanders’ entirely legitimate accusations of pro-establishment bias continues today, with shrill, absurd new headlines like “Sanders campaign continues attacks on journalists” and “Bernie Sanders isn’t sorry” featuring hysterical MSM drama queens rending their garments over the suggestion that plutocrat-owned media outlets could In response to this cartoonish display of billionaire-sponsored performance art, The Hill’s Krystal Ball and Saagar Enjati aired a segment on their online show Rising which is as damning an exposé on the dynamics of mass media empire propaganda as we are ever likely to witness" ...Read More
"Mr. Lopez said employers were often more comfortable expressing a bias against older workers, as opposed to bias based on gender or race. 'But it is against the law', he said, 'even in the media industry.'" ...Read More
"I remember something Roger Ver told me, right around when he was explaining why he trusted markets more than democracies. “No amount of coercion,” he said, “can solve a math problem.” That’s true. But it’s also the case that no amount of mathematics can delete human prejudice, and no ledger ...Read More
“A critically important lesson from CNN’s firing of Marc Lamont Hill is that mainstream media will tolerate just about anything, from white supremacy to climate denial, but never clear, open and principled support for Palestinian rights.”
"Andy Warhol’s magazine is dead. No wait, it’s back! Inside Peter Brant’s latest magic trick."
Being one of the few pre-Internet media companies to still be around in some form today, their story is pretty fascinating. It clearly hasn't worked out for the better though. Vice on HBO, while covering a massive breadth of topics, suffer from their presentation; their nasally-voiced mid 20s employees they ...Read More
Just discovered Daniel Drezner, will definitely be sharing more his work in the near future. İn this Google talk he discusses major ideas in his book- a nice variety of themes he's able to pull together. - "The Ideas Industry: How Pessimists, Partisans, and Plutocrats are Transforming the Marketplace of ...Read More
Real view on subscription-based media and paywalls from a consumer perspective. Seems like a universal tiered subscription service could easily solve these problems.
"Media coverage of Israel's massacre of Palestinian protesters during the first weekend of multiweek demonstrations in Gaza offered textbook examples of how syntax and word choice shape, and even distort, representations of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Even if the facts are accurately stated, the ways in which sentences are constructed, and ...Read More
I have always loved Ann Curry’s work. So glad to see her working for PBS, away from those broadcast vultures.