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“Consumer welfare,” rather than citizen welfare, is our primary concern. We assume that rising share prices signify something good for the economy as a whole, as opposed to merely increasing wealth for those who own them. In this process, we have moved from being a market economy to being what ...Read More
"Turkey’s Syria offensive could spark another catastrophe, warn humanitarians" Airstrikes and a ground offensive by Turkey in northern Syria against Kurdish forces have left civilians dead and forced tens of thousands to flee, UN agencies said on Friday, amid fears of another “humanitarian catastrophe” in the war-torn country. ...Read More
Neoclassical economics has so deeply entrenched the notion that markets are better than all other ways of organising life, that decisions escape rational scrutiny. All models use a few simplifying assumptions, but those underpinning mainstream economics more often distort and detach from reality. That’s why new groups are emerging to ...Read More
The mass migrations of Syrian refugees across Europe were one of the biggest movements of people seen in modern history and it was interesting so see Germany's stance on it and how they kept borders open and many refugees flocked there. This wasn't an altruistic act as Germany has once ...Read More
"A weak monsoon and years of draining groundwater have parched Chennai, a city of nearly five million people on the southeastern coast of India."
There are a number of efforts in the US to thwart renewable efforts, mostly those who make millions off fossil fuels. Trump placed tariffs on foreign solar panels while creating incentives for coal companiies.
A story that is not getting enough coverage. Climate change is having its effect all over the globe. This piece was supported by the Pulitzer Center.
Sadly findings have confirmed that Prince, the artist formerly known as - was a victim of the opioid crisis leading to premature death. The synthetic opioid fentanyl claimed to be deadlier than heroin lead him to OD. "The amount in his blood is exceedingly high, even for somebody who is ...Read More
Another true conspiracy theory.. The effect of this policy decision devastated the lives of 100s of thousands of people, still leaving scar of war, slavery, migration to this day. "The jihadis were able to obtain much of this arsenal as a result of former President Barack Obama’s support for rebels ...Read More
“Now is exactly the time to talk about climate change — and all the other systemic injustices that turn disasters like Harvey into human catastrophes.” #Harvey #ShockDoctrine #crisis #ClimateChange #Trump
"A French journalist who was held hostage by Isis for 10 months has spoken out against air strikes in Syria, saying they represent “a trap” for Britain and other members of the international community. Speaking in an interview with The Syria Campaign, Nicolas Henin put forward his strategy for combatting ...Read More
ISIS claims responsibility for two deadly attacks in Iranian capital, its first major assault in the country - The Washington Post