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This piece examines the effects of climate change in a detailed and lengthy discussion. The author reveals that climate change is beginning to affect most parts of the world, in both urban and rural areas and that climate change is not some new future phenomenon, rather, it is already taking "Climate change is transforming the entire world into a crisis area, though differently in each region. India has been afflicted, to be sure, but so has the southern tip of Africa. Temperatures in inland South Africa are already 2 degrees Celsius higher than they were 100 years ago, with a ...Read More
“Like Pol Pot or Josef Stalin, Orbán dreams of liquidating the intelligentsia, draining the public of education, and molding a more pliant nation. But he is a state-of-the-art autocrat; he understands that he need not resort to the truncheon or the midnight knock at the door. His assault on civil ...Read More
"German Chancellor Angela Merkel said she favors a U.S.-Russian summit, seeking to push global diplomacy forward after a tumultuous meeting of Group of Seven leaders."