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"The Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park board of management has announced that tourists will be banned from climbing Uluru from 2019. The climb has always been discouraged by the park’s Traditional Owners (the Anangu people) but a number of tourists continued to climb the rock on a daily basis. Below, in There's a grotesque CBS video of westerners lining up to climb the mountain on the last day. The degree of ignorance among the tourists is astonishing - they see it as their last chance to tread on a sacred site, like it's a bucket list objective. Meanwhile aerial ...Read More
A very clear and concise argument for the other-than-human and the many worlds... “Could understandings of multiple agencies and more-than-human entanglements and kinships challenge a dominant mode of worlding—what Isabelle Stengers calls ‘a hegemonic machine’ that reduces nature to a resource ?” ...Read More
"A long-anticipated report into the killings and disappearances of Indigenous women and girls also called for changes to the criminal code."