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The idea of (over -) identification or fusion for/with a specific group through perceived deprivation is not new though, it would be interesting to examine how much of this reciprocates with the individuals need of the consistent self.
This is from a year ago, but still very relevant. This quote in particular made me consider the toxic aspects of identity politics in a new light: "What can we do about identity politics? ...Read More
“What Americans young and old are abandoning is not so much the promise of family, faith, and national pride, but the trust that America’s existing institutions can be relied on to provide for them.”
"Today’s culture is somehow both mega atomized and blandly conformist, because the most interesting things that are happening are happening below the surface, out of view." ... "For years we were warned that the free Internet would be gated by corporations, but actually it’s been gated by the public. We’ve ...Read More
TLDR: vote buying is a real problem and it is not trivial to build bribery-resistant on-chain voting. This is why any kind of on-chain voting is a bad idea and should only be used for signaling, not decision making. “The blockchain space today, with predictable results, continues its tradition of ignoring decades of study and instead opts to implement the most naive possible form of voting: directly counting coin-weighted votes in a plutocratic fashion, stored in plain text on-chain.”
I suppose now that we are fully exposed to how embarrassingly tragic the American political structure has become totally unhinged we find ourselves questioning our most basic belief systems in a somewhat progressive context.