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Roundup has been a cash cow for Monsanto since the 1970s, fueling billions of dollars in annual profits. Its use has skyrocketed in recent decades since the company developed genetically modified corn and other crops that are resistant to it; it is now the world’s leading herbicide.
“The most perplexing aspect of our current debate over healthcare and health coverage is the notion that Americans love their health insurance companies. This bizarre idea surfaced most recently in the hand-wringing over proposals to do away with private coverage advocated by some of the candidates for the Democratic nomination for president. Oddly, this position has been treated as a vote-loser.”
Really interesting book, Lynne Segal analyze and discuss modern happiness and its origines from all points of view and political implications. Definitely a great read. #book #politics #philosophy #health #happiness #LynneSegal #feminism
True access goes beyond legal requirements; it involves thoughtful dedication to creating a culture of inclusion and understanding of all disabilities that allows everyone to perform at the highest level. The researcher with OCD, for example, said that part of the challenge of living with a mental illness is the That stigma is why she chose to remain anonymous. Moreover, it’s hurtful when people joke about having OCD when they’re simply cleaning or working carefully. Those types of comments “make OCD out to be a preference, rather than a disorder that affects all aspects of someone's life.” This is where ...Read More
“Life expectancies started to stall just after the austerity cuts were introduced,” said Hiam. “That alone does not prove the latter was the trigger for the former. However, no other plausible suggestion has since survived scrutiny, so it is hard not to conclude austerity cuts are involved.”
"In order to determine if a woman is "responsible" for her miscarriage, Georgia prosecutors would be allowed to investigate. Drug and alcohol use during pregnancy have been cited by policy experts as ways a woman could potentially be held responsible for her miscarriage under the bill." Wow, this is very scary that women could be charged with murder because they are suffering from an addiction or decided to have a small glass of wine with their dinner. Will they also consider prosecuting women with High BMIs, Type 2 diabetes or un-diagnosed thyroid disease. Madness. There seems ...Read More
I experience this article as one example of how far behind mainstream media and health and wellness practitioners are from the long-standing wisdom traditions. As a result, much of society’s basic knowledge is lacking too, since most people don’t look further than the mainstream media for knowledge. ...Read More
I did a careful read through of the original journal article and I have a few observations. First, the study is a well-designed prospective study conducted at 75 sites across Europe. That is, the study authors selected participants ahead of time and then followed them over the ensuing years. Second, the study period lasted for about 7 years, with the median couple being followed for 2 years. ...Read More
Well, this is like a coin with two sides. Potential of gene editing in science and medicine is huge, but there are also consequences. Similar to all of the great inventions ( dynamite, manipulating nuclear energy, computers and internet).
Wrote about my experimentation with a new drug diet... the amount of people responding to this article is making me feel like maybe my weed + psychedelics regime is scratching something bigger in the zeitgeist...
‘Potential users thus need to consider whether the promise of more health knowledge today is truly worth a potential lifetime of precarity and discrimination in any of the many scenarios in which their data travels in unanticipated ways.’
“I didn't feel super pressured into it, but I felt like I had made a commitment, and I was counting on the money,” said Griffin. “And I felt confident after conversations I had with them that they were going to do the medical part differently this time around.” Very dark ...Read More