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Where does your plastic go? Global investigation reveals America's dirty secret
Erin McCormick, Jamie Fullerton, Alastair Gee, Charlotte Simmonds, Bennett Murray, Carmela Fonbuena, Leonie Kijewski, Gökçe Saraçoğ ↗︎
“People don’t know what’s happening to their trash,” said Andrew Spicer, who teaches corporate social responsibility at the University of South Carolina and sits on his state’s recycling advisory board. “They think they’re saving the world. But the international recycling business sees it as a way of making money. There ...Read More
Putin wants to make Russia's internet sovereign. What would it take to pull off this massive technical challenge? ...Read More
An examination of labor-value commodity chains therefore reveals the exploitation hidden in today’s international transactions. The labor-value commodity chains approach acknowledges various components largely missing from the other global-chain frameworks, or not previously brought into systematic relation, namely: (1) global capital-labor relations; (2) the deep wage inequalities between the global ...Read More