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The attacks often happen because women are perceived to be shunning gender traditions, by refusing a marriage proposal for example. Women have also been attacked with acid for giving birth to girls. What a great project! ...Read More

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"Women are genuinely trapped at the intersection of capitalism and patriarchy – two systems that, at their extremes, ensure that individual success comes at the expense of collective morality. And yet there is enormous pleasure in ...Read More

“for climate skeptics … it was not the environment that was threatened, it was a certain kind of modern industrial society built and dominated by their form of masculinity.”

Systems engineer, Helen Harris's account of discrimination at Dell and the brutal tech atmosphere that lead her to lose her position and more on prejudice in the workplace for trans folks. #activsim

It’s super important that there are spaces out there for people to educate themselves and others and to feel supported during their journey.

“YouTube lets people get more detailed information and find out more about how to transition, and ...Read More

"There is a lack of queer visibility in science fields. For transgender people, this visibility is even lower. It’s hard to join or participate in a system when you don’t see yourself in it. For queer and trans scientists to enter — and ...Read More

"Definitive statistics are hard to come by, but Booker appears to have been the fourth black transgender woman fatally shot this year, according to the Human Rights Campaign, a national LGBTQ advocacy group. A fifth, Michelle Simone, ...Read More

A freezing office isn't just less pleasant for women. It hurts their performance.

Increase room temp by 1°C, and women do ~2% better on math tests. ...Read More

What started as a trickle of accusations about leading Hollywood movie producer Harvey Weinstein, Fox television pundit Bill O’Reilly and actor Kevin Spacey, has become a flood of allegations of sexual misconduct from millions of women and ...Read More

Gender inequality and sexist behaviour is prevalent in almost all workplaces and rampant in online environments. Although there is much research dedicated to understanding sexist behaviour, we have almost no insight into what triggers this ...Read More

"glad we’ve begun to raise our daughters more like our sons, but it will never work until we raise our sons more like our daughters.”