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The titular question seems like semantics to me. The video game "addicted" men featured clearly had some kind of problem if they all think they would have killed themselves without treatment. Whether or not we call it addiction, the treatment was/is worthwhile, right? I think the more interesting question is: do we need to regulate video games more? In other words, how big of a negative impact are video games having, utilitarianism-style? It sounds like many South Koreans think the impact is big, big enough to pass a pretty intense regulation ( Here's ...Read More
"For developers, the goal of this new generation of open-world games is stimulating a player’s sense of adventure in ways that emulate the real thing. Jean-Sebastien Decant, creative director for the latest Far Cry installment, New Dawn—which puts players in a carefully rendered postapocalyptic Montana—says, “The key is to provide "At ReStart, the issue seems settled: staff and clients talk about gaming like they would any other addiction. Rae tells me about a 13-year-old boy who was “using” World of Warcraft a dozen hours a day. Stories about game addicts run the gamut—lost jobs, dashed hopes, broken marriages. Rae mentions ...Read More
"This suffusion of IRL money within video games is helping turn them into digital platforms – i.e. sites of commerce and consumerism – in their own right."