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In these early days of film coloring, dyes were used primarily to accentuate important objects in the frame. All of this began at the turn of the 20th century.
A Dream Is What You Wake Up From, a 1979 doc shedding insight into the hopelessness of the black American family. Flight systemic oppression with awareness, everyone is an intellectual.
If you're unfamiliar, Wiseman shoots a lot of location and institution based film. Unprepared, without narration, without seeking "spectacular" events. A lot of plain ol shit that happens in these places. Also, the platform it'll be hosted on it turns out, is pretty cool too - free with library card "Frederick Wiseman's entire catalog, including current Oscar contender "Ex Libris," will be available for streaming on free service Kanopy." ...Read More
Sufjan Stevens ruined parts of Call Me By Your Name. His orchestral scoring was great, but his lyric’d songs destroyed the escape, the eighties, the tone. When I’d been in an emotional state, and his voice flooded the scene, immediately I felt saccharine, twee, and ridiculous. To boot, these songs felt like product placement. “Hey, remember me? Sufjan Stevens? Y’know, Illinoise? hi yeah it’s me again, remember me?” ...Read More