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“Feminism, for me, is fundamentally about collective struggle, not individuals,” says Sarah Banet-Weiser, a scholar of communication and gender studies at the London School of Economics. The Wing’s strain of feminism, she argued, is something else: “They’re empowering women to be better economic subjects within capitalism, empowering women to network, ...Read More
"Simply using the term rankles. White people don’t like being called White. It’s taken as a threat that they might suffer the fate of the Other one day. Whiteness is meant to confer a kind of…"
“If the couple was the primary consumer unit of the past, today this has collapsed, or more accurately been replaced by a new dyad, the individual consumer and her phone. It is hardly news that the goal of the big hookup apps is to keep people single. Tinder has made ...Read More
"Women are genuinely trapped at the intersection of capitalism and patriarchy – two systems that, at their extremes, ensure that individual success comes at the expense of collective morality. And yet there is enormous pleasure in individual success. It can feel like license and agency to approach an ideal, to ...Read More
Some 400 female students attended the Bauhaus, yet little is known about who they were. 100 years after the school's opening in 1919, Patrick Rössler's "Bauhausmädels," aims to rectify that...
​​​​​​Cool article about the Red Scare podcast. To be totally honest I haven't listened to it. Below is an interesting and nuanced critique: ​​"A friend of mine who was an early listener to the show explained that he had found in it “a thrill out of hearing these people who seemed to have no fear about violating the relatively new and very strict rules about how to talk and what to say. Not ...Read More
A lot list of misconceptions about conception and fertilization demystified in this article. The idea that sperm just shoot up and race to fertilize an egg turns out to be bunk, yet another example of male dominated perspectives altering the way with think about the female body. "most mammalian sperm do not in fact swim up the entire female tract but are passively transported part or most of the way by pumping and wafting motions of the womb and oviducts." ...Read More
Hey I care about a diverse future but when Ru Paul is in trouble for not putting trans women on drag race and David Chang under fire for not putting more women on his show... it’s their work. They are and are representing minorities. Get a life. Watch one of ...Read More
"glad we’ve begun to raise our daughters more like our sons, but it will never work until we raise our sons more like our daughters.”
"The overall scarcity of women may contribute to the persistent complaints from readers who see a sexist tinge to elements of the news coverage." #journalism #feminism #sexism