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"Fast-forward to today and you can see the kind of “premium mediocre” stuff like headbands and plastic pool slides from virtually every luxury fashion brand. They are still incredibly expensive for what they are, but are a relatively inexpensive way to buy into a brand. Way more people can afford ...Read More
From Gilets Jaunes, to yesterday's Vetements *Ne Tirez Pas DON'T SHOOT* shirt, to military chest rigs, fashion is now using its role as a medium for political signaling to explore the possibility of near-term urban warfare, even if just in the space of distant irony or fetishization.
"The world’s first piece of digital couture created by The Fabricant and worn by Johanna Jaskowska sold for $9,500. But how does one ‘wear’ the couture? There is a 28-day window for the couture’s new owner to provide a photo of the future wearer to the creators in order ...Read More
“Goldman’s dress code is that you should dress the way you’re supposed to dress at Goldman. If you have to ask, etc. The difference between a middling banker and a great one is this sort of tacit knowledge.”
I talked to artists and thinkers like John Waters, Jeremy Scott, and Lady Bunny about what camp means in 2019 and what happens when the mainstream attempts to appropriate an aesthetic that started out as a subversive queer subculture. Is it still subversive when it's so mainstream? ...Read More
“Old clothes in general are so tied to the body, and female bodies in particular, that they have not been valorized as objects, like paintings, which were seen as examples of male genius,” Ms. Steele said. “They were more like rags that had lived on past their time.” ...Read More
Defense team for "Soho Grifter" Anna Sorokin (aka Delvey) taps stylist to Courtney Love, T-Pain, and G-Eazy to dress Sorokin for trial.
“I remember Kanye saying, ‘We’re going to look back on this and it’s going to be similar to the civil rights movement, because we’re standing up to have a voice,’ ” Don C. told GQ. “At the time, I was like, ‘Dude, I can’t compare this to Rosa Parks.’ But ...Read More
"Aggregation theory, network topology, and the impending limits of aesthetic novelty."
A similar notion – this time about women and reckoning with the politics of power – was acknowledged by Nicolas Ghesquière, the Louis Vuitton creative director, after his recent AW18 womenswear show. “I have these discussions about #MeToo everyday. It's a dialogue we have all the time,” said Ghesquière. With ...Read More
True materialism : “a switch from an idea of a consumer society where materials matter little, to a truly material society, where materials—and the world they rely on—are cherished.” - Kate Fletcher, Craft of Use
Thoughts on self expression: Part of what makes the US so hated around the world is our reliance, our actual addiction to literally buying our identities. We are consumers, barely human, not customers with a pulse to the corporatocracy. And yet we are satiated by the knowing, the expectation that we are free to ...Read More