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»Provoking social conflict so as to polarize society was part of the Russian hacker playbook in 2016. It is the preferred tactic of terrorist groups such as ISIL and the Neo-Nazis, since a polarized society is much easier to scare into ...Read More

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The Bolsonaro government has as one of its priorities to strategically occupy the Amazon region to prevent the implementation of multilateral conservation projects for the rainforest, specifically the so-called “Triple A” project.

The unwillingness to question overconsumption not only prevents realistic economic solutions for climate mitigation. It is fuel for eco-fascism: 'The El Paso Shooter's manifesto suggests Americans overconsumption will never stop, so the ...Read More

Does a good job of distinguishing actual threats to democracy from the loose talk of think tank libs.

in 2018, washington state representative matt shea warned right wingers of a looming civil war and advised people stock up on assault rifles and at least 1,000 rounds of ammo, leaked recordings show