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Last month 80 civil society organisations and academics published an open letter to the EIB calling on the bank to end its fossil fuel financing, which topped €2.4bn in 2018. Now, the EU’s lending arm has drafted plans which propose cutting support for energy infrastructure projects which rely on oil, ...Read More
"As climate impacts continue to ramp up, there’s no reason to believe an international focus on it will automatically lend itself either to progressive or even small-d democratic politics. In addition to those young people drifting right, weak showings for the left across Europe (the left GUE/NGL coalition dipped to ...Read More
‘At least the far-right’s resistance to Stolpersteine reveals the power of the monuments. German media still holds an overwhelmingly positive attitude toward them. The stones are cared for carefully by communities in a country where the Nazi legacy precipitated decades of soul-searching and painstaking commemoration, and a horror of anti-Semitism ...Read More
"Until recently, Germany has been so preoccupied with its Nazi past that the colonial era has been ignored. Yet some historians argue that the racial theories and treatment of native peoples connect directly with the mentalities and horrors of the Nazis." #germany #britishempire #colonialism #theotherskeleton #🇩🇪