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The issue at “The Art of Blockchains” was less malice than myopia. People with careers in art or careers in tech tend only to see what they’ve been trained to see. But regardless of the difference in animating force, the results at the conference were the same as in Giridharadas’s ...Read More
"I have yet to see an actual illustration of the Web3 stack. So this is an attempt. Given how expansive the Web3 ecosystem is, this diagram is almost certainly incomplete, and likely has a few inaccuracies. For the remainder of this post, I’ll highlight some of the most interesting observations ...Read More
Reminds me of Claims Races in the horse racing industry. To make sure you don't put an overqualified horse into a race, you make it possible to buy any of the horses for the same price. That way if you put in a ringer, you'll end up losing the horse ...Read More
"Curious new relationships between art and capital are being enabled by cryptofinance, which places “monetary value” at the heart of the creative process"
"When contracts are deployed to the Ethereum network, they are assigned an address. Knowing how these addresses are assigned is useful and can enable some interesting functionality."
"A small example and demonstration of a utility to create Air-Drops, targeting a large user base, keeping costs low and network congestion at a minimum."
Tokens that represent future utility are considered securities, but once the utility is proven they would no longer be classified as a security. Ether is an example of a token that would have been classified as a security during its ICO, but no longer qualifies as a security.
Projects which intend to ‘tokenize’, have the challenge of designing a model with incentives for contribution and disincentives for faulty behavior. Any flaws in that design can have the unintended effect of incentivizing faulty behavior. Token engineering is an early practice, but needs to be prioritized. The token design can ...Read More
Velocity of money, or how frequently a unit exchanges hands, is a major determining factor for the price of utility tokens. Unless controlling the velocity of money is designed into the token mechanics, expect the price of a utility token to fall once the product is released.