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Short summary of an in-depth look at the recent improvements in European air quality in relation to health data. Steps taken to combat the pandemic have resulted in less air pollution-related deaths, fewer new cases of asthma in children, ...Read More

„In a Facebook post, Yegor Firsov, head of Ukraine's ecological inspection service, showed a Geiger counter near the fire reading 2.3 microsievert per hour, a measurement of ambient radiation. The normal reading in the area is 0.14 μSv/h, ...Read More

"Most of the world’s top companies extracting key minerals for electric vehicles, solar panels and wind turbines have been linked with human rights abuses in their mines… 87% of the 23 largest companies mining cobalt, copper, lithium, ...Read More

Missed this story back in July but worth a read re: dark-money campaigns to bail out nuclear and move money away from wind and solar, even though nuclear is a dying industry in the US.

Other coverage of Ohio's HB6 bill: ...Read More

Dairy is a complicated industry this move is incredibly progressive.

Wisconsin-based organic brand says they're now the largest food company in the world to be 100 percent powered by renewable energy. Organic Valley has committed to ...Read More

President Donald Trump’s idea to buy Greenland may be fantasy, but the US has staked an interest in the island’s resources — in particular, its rare earth minerals. The US recently signed a memorandum to co-operate with the autonomous ...Read More

Last month 80 civil society organisations and academics published an open letter to the EIB calling on the bank to end its fossil fuel financing, which topped €2.4bn in 2018. Now, the EU’s lending arm has drafted plans which propose cutting ...Read More

There are a number of efforts in the US to thwart renewable efforts, mostly those who make millions off fossil fuels. Trump placed tariffs on foreign solar panels while creating incentives for coal companiies.

"WAIVER: the Secretary of Defense may waive the requirements of this section . . . if he determines that market conditions for a product or service make it difficult for the Department to acquire that product or service and the waiver ...Read More

"Western industries have deliberately offshored the production of rare metals and its associated pollution, only to bring these metals back onshore once cleansed of all impurities to incorporate them into intangible ‘green’ technologies ...Read More

"A founder of modern geometric analysis who produced “some of the most dramatic advances in mathematics in the last 40 years,” Uhlenbeck is the first woman to be"