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"This market-driven 'sustainable' vision of economic activity, ecological-conscious diets and 'hipness' within modern capitalism reinforce inequality and still hurt the environment."
"Of Strings and Kings is a set of musical compositions written for strings and machine learning algorithms. The AI duet accompaniment to the essay will serve as an aesthetic counterpart corresponding to the subjects of each chapter."
„This is the difference between people like me and Mark Zuckerberg.I live in a world where I presume that I could be a potential adversary to the system.“ on information warfare: ...Read More
"They seem mindless of the fact that all too often, mindfulness has been reduced to a commodified and instrumental self-help technique that unwittingly reinforces neoliberal imperatives."
Uber and friends might be running out of cheap labor.... Probably because ppl realize they are working for less than $10/h once you account for car depreciation costs. “These [food-delivery and ride-hailing] businesses are banking that driverless technologies will be available soon enough that they can get out of this endless cycle of losing money,” says Mr. Price. ...Read More
‘Potential users thus need to consider whether the promise of more health knowledge today is truly worth a potential lifetime of precarity and discrimination in any of the many scenarios in which their data travels in unanticipated ways.’
Was this ever posted? I forget how much Peter Thiel has to say on like, everything. I thought West's relationship in the whole thing was interesting.
Interesting theory about diminishing labor supply. Conspicuous consumption ( like buying expensive clothes to signal status) doesn’t pay off for most people, so instead they chose to work less and engage in leisure activities facilitated by an endless supply of cheap digital entertainment.
This article is a great way to start thinking about how money works and how it could work.
Just discovered Daniel Drezner, will definitely be sharing more his work in the near future. İn this Google talk he discusses major ideas in his book- a nice variety of themes he's able to pull together. - "The Ideas Industry: How Pessimists, Partisans, and Plutocrats are Transforming the Marketplace of ...Read More