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Drones pose novel and difficult problems for law enforcement. They are widely available, lightly regulated and can be flown remotely by an operator far away from the crime scene.
Queryable Earth is the concept of a searchable database of Earth’s surface. Search for any object, such as a ship, and Machine Intelligence will return image results from the entire history of satellite imagery. Search 'epizoic media' for more.
The Campaign to Stop Killer Robots made a sick video describing the utter mess that looms from miniaturized drones carrying small explosive charges. Kinda surprising this hasn't been used yet (?) even with the clumsy consumer tech that exists. The amorality of weapons companies / arms dealers makes some portion ...Read More
dragonflies actually perfect for this task as the first winged insect to evolve some 300 million yrs ago. they are vers aquatic and airborne, can eat anything, have remarkable flying abilities like hovering and moving straight up and down, their entire heads are eyes with perfect peripheral and rear vision just imagine swarms of them ... ...Read More