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"Attorney Antonio Moore discusses the tweets by Kanye West showing support to President Donald Trump via twitter."
In fact, fascism — and the tendencies that lead toward fascism — pose a more serious threat now than at any time since the end of World War II.
If you read the words "Our Democracy" and think immediately of yourself and this country (which of course belongs to you) than this article is for you - and only you. If you read the words "social justice" and you think immediately of others - people who really deserve to be your equal - than you must be a liberal. ...Read More
"Jia Tolentino on how Donald Trump, Jr., embodies the “large adult son” meme, an Internet joke inspired by Mike Huckabee’s sons, David and John Mark."
"Mere days after accusing Qatar of funding terrorism, President Trump signed off on a $12 billion arms deal with it"
Trump show is getting juicy, too bad an impeachment isn't all that much to look forward to