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The ethical challenges to a programme such as this are multitudinous and not only limited to those being tested. ...Read More
DNA sequencing services have questionable ethics. Don’t trust your private information with them „Using public genealogy sites to crack cold cases had its breakthrough moment in April 2018 when the California policeused GEDmatch to identify a manthey believe is the Golden State Killer. (…) Most users of genealogy services have uploaded their genetic information in order to find relatives, learn about ancestors and ...Read More
“It makes it hard to argue that there was ever some … special evolutionary event or genetic event that triggered the evolution of humans as we know them,” he added. Humans have been continuously evolving through the mixing of varied populations for hundreds of thousands of years. (In fact, Scally We consider it very human to mix with other races at this point in time. Interestingly enough mixing with other species was commonplace. ...Read More
" Researchers effectively found a set of genetic attributes that anorexia sufferers were more likely to have. Depression, anxiety, and obsessive compulsive disorder were among them, which was expected. But so was the ability to burn fat more quickly, the natural propensity to do more physical activity, and increased resistance However this research is mostly from people of European descent. " There are some tangible plans to try to address this fundamental inequality in genetic research. The UK’s Department of Health & Social Care recently announced that it will recruit five million healthy participants for a new genetic research undertaking ...Read More
dna testing has always seemed like such a dumb and dangerous idea: willingly giving up ones biometric data in exchange for statistics that may or may not be correct to fabricate some sense of inherited "belonging". the cost of admission is more than just the fee to the testing company; i wonder what level of intrusion, exploitation, and subjugation it's going to take for masses to actually make an about face on their admission of intimate details to these companies? deportations based on animoji's on an instagram story? years of incarceration due to a miscalculated dna match up at a it almost feels like these intrusive technologies are just a troll competition on the side of tech companies to see the limits to which people will indulge their narcissism and 'ease of life' in exchange for any level of autonomy. ...Read More
In fact, fascism — and the tendencies that lead toward fascism — pose a more serious threat now than at any time since the end of World War II.
"EncrypGen says it wants to build the Amazon of genetic material. The startup will let users put their DNA online, sell it to researchers or companies, and be paid in EncrypGen’s own cryptocurrency. It also made EncrypGen millions in bitcoin, before the company even launched its gene-selling product." On February 19-20 Encrypgen (DNA) decreases in value over -13.51%. ...Read More
An unknown (until now), completely unique, viral-like gene that transmits genetic information between neurons. Pretty amazing and fascinating.
Can't wait to fuse with commercial breaks, DNA surveillance and my 15 hard drives. Gotta get a pet for backups 🦄 What would Benjamin do in the age of biological reproduction.