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True access goes beyond legal requirements; it involves thoughtful dedication to creating a culture of inclusion and understanding of all disabilities that allows everyone to perform at the highest level. The researcher with OCD, for example, said that part of the challenge of living with a mental illness is the That stigma is why she chose to remain anonymous. Moreover, it’s hurtful when people joke about having OCD when they’re simply cleaning or working carefully. Those types of comments “make OCD out to be a preference, rather than a disorder that affects all aspects of someone's life.” This is where ...Read More
"In 2015, the International Year of Soils, Maria Helena Semedo, a deputy director at the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organisation, famously commented that the world’s topsoil had become so degraded that it could only support another 60 harvests. Decades of deforestation, monoculture, and poor farming practices, often over-reliant on chemical inputs, had stripped the land of all its goodness. It’s estimated that 75 billion tonnes of fertile soil are lost to land degradation every year, leaving Earth, which is still expected to feed an ever-growing global population, in ...Read More