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“We want what we eat to save our lives; to reflect our worldliness, the uniqueness of our identities; to fulfill our desire for the new and interesting. One result is that some of the most staple of staples — things like bread or milk or apples — are having a ...Read More
What does WeWork’s architectural automation say about the state of architectural design and the way we all work? “if we look at contemporary patterns of employment, jobs within production have been largely automated while entire new sectors of professional, managerial, clerical, sales, and service workers have expanded resulting in a self-perpetuating system that exists purely to produce more pointless layers of bureaucracy filled with more bullshit jobs”
Now, we’re so invested in designing interfaces that provide a seamless delivery of content, we aren’t considering user mindsets that teeter into decision paralysis when confronted with infinite content. Because the fact is, there’s just so much damn content. Everywhere you turn. It would take you more than 11,000 years ...Read More
AI technology strives to be both perfect and human, but being human means being imperfect. Beauty and creativity often comes from flaws and mistakes, often leading us in new and unexpected directions. Will a more realistic form of AI mimic our forgetfulness, errors, and imperfections? “In a few years when the systems are way more sophisticated, we’re going to miss the little failures, the places where the system has misunderstood us in ways that helped us revaluate things like beauty and meaning,”
Applying the Golden Ratio to drawings and leaving the construction lines in the final images allows the artist to create designs that clearly gravitate around this mathematical framework.
To understand why design thinking is fundamentally conservative, it’s important to look at its antecedents…Both design thinking and the rational-experimental approach implicitly establish problem solving as the remit of the powerful, especially when it comes design for social ends. They turn the everyday ability to solve a problem into ...Read More
Already occurred in China, and it seems obvious many governments are likely already experimenting with this issue privately. But this whole HIV cover/reason as to why random scientists should be able to experiment with gene editing is preposterous!
I've recently been having a look at this as my partner starts using Poshmark to sell clothing online. I haven't used it yet, but there are apparently several ways to use the app to make your items more visible to the community. I hope to have a closer look at Some offhand thoughts on in-app scarcity for something like Poshmark: ...Read More
Push for better prison design: an excellent initiative for US lawmakers who want their constituents to feel good about supporting the continuation and extension of age-old violent, racist (and highly lucrative) practice.
In new doc, Braun industrial designer DIETER RAMS, 86, intimates that he might have chosen a different career path had he realized how his work would promote a culture of over-consumption, contributing to climate change.
This has been floating around for awhile. The speed of text, from books, news papers, pamphlets, notes, sms, threads, streams, etc is a clear increase in the speed and decrease in cost. I had thought that typed words were not equipped for this.