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Most won't be surprised by this, but it's interesting to see some quantitative data on it. You could argue that the media is actually doing a disservice in that it is not discussing the relevant issues that could help people and its actually promoting fear and terror "What's interesting is that Americans search on Google is a much closer reflection of what kills us than what is presented in the media. One way to think about it is that media outlets may produce content that they think readers are most interested in, but this is not necessarily ...Read More
There appears to be concerns that execution by lethal injection is very painful and torturous for the condemned. Some may argue that this is not a problem and may be a deserving end. Others may feel we are only as humane as our gravest actions. Either way, death by "For years defense attorneys and medical experts have warned that midazolam — a sedative often paired with an opioid during minor surgeries — is incapable of rendering a person insensate for the purpose of lethal injection, no matter how high the dose. Without sufficient anesthesia, the second and third drugs ...Read More
"The fluid contains chemicals that protect nerve cells from damage, and unlike blood, has no immune cells, which may contribute to brain damage. “If this works for brain cells it will also work with some less sensitive organs with some tinkering,”"
How people who have lived through horrific acts of terror at shows, festivals, and clubs hear music differently now
"Artist and musician Colin Ward, a former Rhinoceropolis resident, is remembered as "magic" by his friends. There will be a Service of Remembrance for..."