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South Korea has released its plans for the development of the next generation of data networks 6G and has announced that it will launch a pilot project in 2026 that will be 50 times faster than current 5G connections, reaching speeds of 1TB ...Read More

I admire these families but wouldn’t use terms like fortitude and grace because they imply that victims’ families who feel otherwise are weak or vengeful. I hope to never find out, but my guess is grace is that last thing I’d want to ...Read More

Curious if Facebook is going to be able to pull this one off...

"The new feature represents Facebook's latest effort to capture some of TikTok's popularity among young users."

“It’s been 75 years since the U.S. dropped an atomic bomb on the Japanese city of Hiroshima, marking the end of World War II and the dawn of the nuclear age but survivors still live with the consequences.”

Paywalled contents is quite justifiable coming from the fact it required requisite effort to get facts

But it does mean that it costs time and money to access a lot of true and important information, while a lot of bullshit is ...Read More

Thousands of Lebanese, furious with their political leaders, are taking to the streets again, four days after a huge explosion left at least 158 dead.

As Lebanon's investigation into the devastating blast in Beirut continues, officials have pointed to a possible cause: A massive shipment of agricultural fertilizer that authorities say was stored in the port of Beirut without safety ...Read More

Africa’s confirmed coronavirus cases have surpassed 1 million, but global health experts say the true toll is likely several times higher, reflecting the gaping lack of testing for the ...Read More