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“I think we live in a society that fetishizes and encourages personal ambition in all kinds of ways, including by creating all these levels of precarity and insecurity. The stakes of winning are so high, and everybody is so scared. While we encourage our personal ambition, we diminish and discourage ...Read More
"Many disabled people have been stopped from protesting with Extinction Rebellion after Met Police allegedly impounded wheelchairs and ramps."
[use GNMT for english version, it's uncanny good at NOR->ENG] With regards to Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) and funding the green shift. ...Read More
Google has made “substantial” contributions to some of the most notorious climate deniers in Washington despite its insistence that it supports political action on the climate crisis. 😑
After a long legal battle with a number of organizations, the Waorani people successfully protected half a million acres of their ancestral territory in the Amazon rainforest from being mined for oil drilling by huge oil corporations. The auctioning off of Waorani lands to the oil companies was suspended indefinitely This win for the indigenous tribe has now set an invaluable legal precedent for other indigenous nations across the Ecuadorian Amazon. After accepting a Waorani bid for court protection to stop an oil bidding process, the court also halted the potential auctioning off of 16 oil blocks that cover over ...Read More
Tech monopolies have the money and power to shelter themselves from climate crises, for now... "It’s far from a coincidence, says Michael Wara, head of the climate and energy policy program at Stanford University’s Woods Institute. If anything, it’s by design."
"This is the point where it becomes “necessary” to consider the future we didn’t want: solar geoengineering. People will talk about changing how we live, from diet to consumption to transportation; but by then, the geophysics of the system will no longer be on our side. A specter rears its ...Read More
This piece examines the effects of climate change in a detailed and lengthy discussion. The author reveals that climate change is beginning to affect most parts of the world, in both urban and rural areas and that climate change is not some new future phenomenon, rather, it is already taking "Climate change is transforming the entire world into a crisis area, though differently in each region. India has been afflicted, to be sure, but so has the southern tip of Africa. Temperatures in inland South Africa are already 2 degrees Celsius higher than they were 100 years ago, with a ...Read More
You have to applaud the attention to detail here. I guess my comments would be: - It seems safe to assume that most sustained cultural movements today are in some way backed by rich (white, male, etc.) people looking for ROI. The chances that a movement gets broad, sustained attention from society without misaligned financial backing might be close to nil. Does that mean ...Read More
The way he shares his viewpoint and approaches honest discussions is a refreshing take on doomsaying. I’m not sure I share his taste for isolationism in the face of global catastrophe, but how he presents his perspective is definitely more palatable than most. Quite a good read!
On the internet, however, advances in energy efficiency have a reverse effect: as the network becomes more energy efficient, its total energy use increases. This trend can only be stopped when we limit the demand for digital communication. Although it’s a strategy that we apply elsewhere, for instance, by encouraging ...Read More
A hotter, more extreme climate can mean more profits in cooling homes, managing scarce water, building seawalls against rising water levels, and coaxing food crops to grow in drier, less fertile soil. Disgusting.
“What frightens me is the active confusion between knowledge and data, the reduction of knowledge to information. It’s the idea that the world is a matter of numbers and the task of knowledge is to handle quantities. [...] It can’t be enough to do correct mathematics. Once we have done Achille Mbembe on how computational logic —> engenders a kind of knowledge —> that facilitates extraction of value & making superfluous of people—> colonization. ...Read More