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"As slavery became a permanent institution of American society, one of its features was the development of laws governing the behavior of slaves. Every state created codes to suit ...Read More

As the city grapples with new restrictions on online speech, American tech giants are on the front line of a clash between China and the United States over the internet’s ...Read More

As social media companies such as Facebook and Twitter employ human moderators to moderate content, they have to be aware that section 230 is at risk of being changed... and that is potentially devastating for them.

“Sudan's internet blackout has gained global attention, but it is not unique. Shutdowns are on the rise around the world”. Protestors toppled a 30yr corrupt tyrant by taking to the streets en masse for months, only to be undermined and ...Read More

Facebook is laying out the laws of the internet, but it's a business. Thoughtful video on digital colonialism.

" posted a letter it received from its domain registrar saying it will seize the domain in five days if the site doesn't find a new host."